Our country carries out ferroalloy to export permissive system
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As " ferroalloy exports a license explain receive condition and order " (the following abbreviation " program " ) put into effect since September 1, the times declare that freedom of our country ferroalloy exports ends, those who replace is system of ferroalloy export license.
" program " Department of Commerce will be released formally on August 21, aim to promote export innovation of fashion of control of merchandise is pilot, cooperate to implement policy of national ferroalloy industry. " program " foundation of requirement export business concerns a provision, according to the regulation explain receive condition and order, to seat provincial business affairs is in charge of a branch to present concerned application material.
For farther standard new ferroalloy export allows a system, department of Commerce on September 2 correspondence of print and distribute, what export a license in the light of our country ferroalloy is specific declared program and pertinent question to do define.
Requirement of Department of Commerce, legal entity delegate should sign issue guarantee, in order to confirm the real effectiveness of all application material, make all material scanning CD, the newspaper sends seat branch of provincial commerce director.
In addition, declare an enterprise to still need to offer environment of above of ground level city to monitor an orgnaization to issue in those days contaminant discharges the report that monitor, and seat ground level or provincial labor and social security branch those who issue already attended and on time pay of full specified amount the relevant proof of each society insurance premium.
Be opposite after collect of examine and verify of all company application material, director branch should unite provincial business affairs to issue application to case or recommend case, a newspaper sends Department of Commerce, one copies to chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry.
Department of Commerce returns a requirement, branch of provincial commerce director should supervise and urge the company records 5 mineralization of Chinese to be versed in chamber of commerce of imports and exports debuts while the newspaper sends relevant material " ferroalloy checks a system " , check in order to accept ferroalloy business on exit and net of the gain that offer money.
Meanwhile, department of Commerce still made clear the export gain of partial ferroalloy breed to ask, among them, to involving ferromanganese of ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, silicon exit reachs the company that offers money, ask the exit 2007 measures 3 kinds of afore-mentioned products aggregate (current business) measure for goods with exit aggregate (manufacturing company) all must achieve 3000 tons of above; To other ferroalloy breed, the enterprise needs to offer the photocopy with the exit customs declaration of these breed and odd 2007 cancel after verification only can, did not export specific requirement of the amount.
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