Code of place of the first electric power of our country will rise to apply form
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Will rise on September 1, code of place of the first electric power of our country -- " Guangzhou city power supply and regulation of the government that use phone " (next weighing " regulation " ) apply formally. It is reported, this regulation is responded to somewhat to problem of sex of before this a few controversies, include transformer substation construction, development business must not conceal the electric power inside the village to plan, and to year with n the key of above of 20 million kilowatt hour puts forward with electric user managing with report specific requirement.
Introduce according to Guangzhou city Electricity Supply Board, local laws and regulations provides the electric power that this last a period of time just publishs formally 4 years, electrified wire netting plans by city classics trade appoint leading organization weaves or adjust, and once municipal government is approved hind, will bring into urban overall planning, must not adjust at will change.
Set according to this power statute, divide outside involving national security to need to keep secret, power facilities controls program draft to ought to be made public with the ground, and consult community opinion. Branch of program administration director ought to be collected, arrange and study public opinion, undertake revise and be perfectinged to program draft.
What need points out is, statute of this place power makes energy-saving problem makes window first. " set " requirement, various people government and concerned branch should be advocated managing with report, strengthen managing control government with report, power supply enterprise needs to cooperate relevant administration to be in charge of a branch to begin energy-saving government work.
Special to year with n the key of above of 20 million kilowatt hour uses electric user, " regulation " ask its strengthen electric energy norm, metric wait for fundamental management with assessment, and create post of the managing government that use phone, enact the managing plan that use phone and measure.