Our country will carry out export license to make to ferroalloy
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Produce a proprietor of an enterprise to want contaminant to amount to mark to discharge a standard to cooperate to carry out ferroalloy industry policy and citric acid, strengthen and normative ferroalloy and citric acid (salt) the product exports management, department of Commerce issues announcement 21 days, the decision rises from September 1, 2008, carry out " ferroalloy exports a license explain receive condition and order " reach " citric acid, citrate exports a license explain receive condition and order " .
From foreign trade of Department of Commerce department learns 21 days, export this announcement place to involve the company of commodity, the basis concerns a provision, and according to afore-mentioned two explain receive condition and order, to seat provincial business affairs is in charge of a branch to present concerned application material. Be in charge of a branch about provincial business affairs on October 15, 2008 forward newspaper of Department of Commerce sends formal application or recommend material.
As we have learned, examine and verify of classics Department of Commerce affirms have relevant commodity to export a license explain the company list that leads a condition will be on website of government of Department of Commerce give announce.