Machine tool kind duty of equipment entrance derate has adjust
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Agency of custom desolate hill concerns a regulation to import a machine tool to foreign capital enterprise according to the country kind equipment derate duty had new adjust, the machine tool mixes a few entrance numerical control to be enjoyed euqally before no longer avoid the favourable policy that pays custom duty and value added tax.
Before this, project of foreign capital company imports numerical control machine tool and pressure forming machine inside investment amount uniform avoid impose import custom duty. And now, the foreign capital project of new approval, if the entrance is in " inside endowment do not grant to avoid tax list " in of lists numerical control machine tool and pressure forming machine, uniform impose custom duty (import segment value added tax still is absolved) . As we have learned, this action is to support the development of domestic manufacturing industry, " inside endowment do not grant to avoid tax list " in home has a technology to be able to be produced arranges facility, that is to say, the numerical control machine tool that foreign capital enterprise will import home to have a technology to cannot achieve index to ask only henceforth and ability of pressure forming machine enjoy relevant privilege.
This policy is adjusted involve entrance equipment sort much, range is wide, may enterprise of foreign capital of a mountainous area to desolate share brings certain influence, but new regulation still installed certain amortize period. Custom is stationed in desolate hill agency to warn a company, the encouragement that approves before May 1 kind foreign capital project, have similar case, project unit is in the relevant data such as project confirmation still can be held to apply for to deal with derate duty to examine and approve formalities to custom before November 1 this year.