Safe production code promotes transducer to control the development in course of
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The near future, total bureau of supervisory government of national safe production and safety of national coal mine are censorial bureau, the announcement that the equipment that released hidden danger of safety of the provision that concerns legal laws and regulations to be not being accorded with, existence and craft want taboo (install inspect total coal [2008] 49) , from now on section report, flowing start, the equipment of high safety performance, special transducer control that improves promotion efficiency will replace bad news phone the resistor timing with big, much trouble controls a system.
After mine applies transducer with promotion machine, have the following and beneficial effect:
1, system of frequency conversion control replaces timing of section of primary system resistor, make timing flowing without extremely, function is reliable, managing and reduce uphold charge about 30% ;
2, regenerative braking is used when winch transfer to a lower level, energy of its second birth passes on electrified wire netting, raised systematic power factor, energy-saving can amount to 20% the left and right sides;
3, use PLC control to run each paragraphs to add, decelerate process, improvement operates the working environment of personnel. Shorten Chancidi rises time, can ability of job of utmost play hoist, can raise 15-20% commonly;
4, implementation is soft start, the car moves since smooth. D.c.braking, make loaded vehicle jockeys smooth.
5, remove Che Ping firm, move smooth, jockey smooth, automata adds decelerate process, make pit shaft runs an accident to reduce;
6, reservation of former control system, use as reserve, do not affect production.