Manage bunny and administrative camel
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How does Chinese enterprise develop competitive dominant position, how to compete with large company of abroad, it is the problem that business circles ponders over day and night not simply, managing academia also is to let a hundred flowers blossom, each airs his own views.
Debate of current management group is more: "After all Chinese enterprise is to use management to avoid child the method is good, the method that still uses administrative camel is appropriate " . Look in us, actually these two kinds of means have advantages and disadvantages each, onefold analysis that kind of stand or fall is no point. Nature meets the entrepreneur that comprehends Chinese management philosophy deeply accomplish be more than equal to a task to this problem.
The eye that uses the strategy will ponder over a problem, the method that uses tactics will solve a problem!
Beg with the method that manages bunny live, seek progress with the method that manages a camel!
Is that fish and bear's paw held concurrently?
Why must use be not this namely will the means of those solve a problem?
To most China enterprise, the real problem that is placed possibly before them into the world is the problem that how lives, is not the problem that how competes with the enterprise that cross a state, emphasize be without what real significance straddling the gap between state-owend enterprise course of study and Chinese enterprise blindly so, that can be a few China only say to go up truly the thing of large company.
Because of this bunny have catholicity more with living philosophic theory neatly.
But aught is not absolutely. If the camel wants to run, believe bunny also may not is to win the home!
Emphasize blindly so agile, lives to live strategy is short-term unexpectedly surely plan. To can live today and abandon bright nature's mystery meeting, believe what what need truly to may not is Chinese entrepreneur. But not today's live to won't have the opportunity tomorrow with respect to affirmation, this is actual existence.
And the camel also is not fool, it knows from beginning to end one day its solid food reserve also is met consumed. How suiting an environment to take quick step so also is one of factors that it should consider necessarily.
The example of camel study bunny is very much, if cross national report magnate,Yilaikesi puts forward " to make foreign brand the catchword that Xiang Haier of earthy " , " learns " , mainland changes an investment strategy that has made transnational corporation emphasize, also be whole world of this Chinese future the call of the biggest market.
The United States brings advantage company with selling famed world continuously, but change the biggest since it experienced a company to found oneself however 1998, and all these is to can let it go down in Chinese surrive merely. 1998, chinese government announces to be sold continuously and be passed annul for illegal, be the first to be affected of business of the China that bring profit gets deadly biff.
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