What company performance manages is tired
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Standing trustee is universal before Suo Ni company wait man is in " performance creed destroyed Suo Ni " in analyse Suo Ni on the wane so main reason: "Spirit of spirit of passionate group, group and challenge is disappearing, and all these controls Suonishi to apply performance creed to begin from 1995. And all these controls Suonishi to apply performance creed to begin from 1995..
This still weighs pound bomb so, caused people to be taken an examination of to the afterthought of performance management.
Before long, regard a kind of fashionable as the method of stimulative business management of enterprise of the whole world, what performance management once had witnessed a lot of enterprises is brilliant, ever also was acted according to to be like true classics by countless enterprises -- performance management is such faddish, so that almost all enterprises once had carried out performance management.
However, since performance management birth sun rises, people never also has stopped to its controversy. A general fact is, till at present, the performance management that dares to announce they carry out without a few enterprises is successful. Although performance management regards excellent management as thought and administrative tool,had been carried out a lot of years by the enterprise, but the enterprise still cannot drive drive well it, more bad situation is, a lot of controller had begun to suspect, suspect whether performance management fits Chinese national condition after all, suspecting performance management is that beautiful vase on windowsill of manpower resource director, place over to just need for place of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, suspect whether the enterprise still is worth to pay more for it. Performance assessment is like a Shuang Renjian, it can improve constituent performance already, the performance that also can make organize at the same time grows to bad direction, do bad to separate a business even, suo Ni company is an example.
The forerunner of domestic company is in on after the century introduces performance management at the beginning of 90 time, carry out in the enterprise, but in light of the result from practice, the Lubingbu of the performance of domestic company is even. Overall for, performance management still belongs to new field of management in the enterprise of our country, the understanding that great majority enterprise manages to performance stops merely at understanding, performance management is a concept only, and the person that masters this concept also is minority the person when worker author and ideal lead, to someone else, what is performance management, can produce what kind of effect to the management of the enterprise, it is the blank of an one hundred percent as before, this has to say is a distress. Although had more thorough knowledge to performance management, but as a result of oversight the administrative base that executive performance management needs, also brought about executive effect to sell at a discount greatly, final or flows at the surface, everybody is dealt with each other, fill in mechanically form, meet the task, or is flat return old road anew, still be equalitarianism, still be mess. Appeared thereby performance management refuses to obey in domestic natural environment, " north of orange unripe the Huaihe River is trifoliate orange " situation.
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