What company most be willing to part with or use sends money to employee
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What bank employee holds in both hands still is " gold jobs " .
Where home appears on the market company most does be willing to part with or use send money to employee? Do not read annual report, you are thinking for certain, it is those state-owned monopoly businesses most be willing to part with or use sends money. However after according to appearing on the market 2007 the fact that discloses in company annual report sends salary number and employee number to have consideration, discovering a fact is not such.
The company with employee top 2007 salary is main it is certificate business, bank and real estate.
Common saying says well, take in one's hand the thing just is free from anxiety! Be here so we chose to appear on the market the pay average that the company pays employee actually 2007 is a standard.
Certificate business and bank became the absolutely main force of this Zhang Biaozhong. Without doubt, will look from salary of average per capita, applying for a job had better be to choose these two kinds of companies.
Shen Hua accuses gain the championship: Average per capita 580 thousand
Shen Hua accuses an annals to announce company staff number to be 115 people, the worker firewood reward that the current year pays is 67.53 million yuan, average wage achieves five hundred and eighty-seven thousand two hundred yuan. Confirm according to the company, the employee number of exposure and firewood fulfil are parent company data, the parent company is average salary is so high, do not know salary of subsidiary average per capita how?
Negotiable securities believes in the 2nd: Average per capita 420 thousand
Letter negotiable securities ranks in 2, the big ox city that this shows 7 years, accomplished a batch to come loose not only door, most those who be benefited still is certificate business people! Can see from inside their salary, although in letter negotiable securities shows strength of this company parent company only in annals, but salary of parent company average per capita already was as high as four hundred and twenty thousand eight hundred yuan, its are amalgamative on forms for reporting statistics this period pay salary number more be as high as 1.781 billion, in dealing with worker firewood to propose a toast year end plan raises number at the same time, the company still has those who be close to 4 billion yuan award can extend in 8 years end of the year; Before paragraph the letter in the subsidiary that time still has negotiable security of the letter in press is built cast 7 years to send the end of the year to employee red bag is as high as 280 thousand on average, the analyst that still has other certificate business at the same time expresses " this number does not calculate very tall. The analyst that still has other certificate business at the same time expresses " this number does not calculate very tall..
Banking: 10 forcibly occupy 6 strong
Share-holding system bank is the coronal of the industry undoubtedly, before 10 forcibly occupy occupied 6 seats () seeing a table. The bank of the people's livelihood, bank that start line of business, medium letter bank average wage reachs 3 employee 30 much, and ever did a stuff salary plan carries overmuch Pu Fayin travel salary can is only in coarse, again test and verify the bank is " gold jobs " say.
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