"Talent circumfluence " it is meddlesome
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In mature market economic system, the talent's nature is outputted and be being flowed into is normal. Appear in this process so called " talent circumfluence " a also be economic progress inevitable choice.
In mature market economic system, the talent's nature is outputted and be being flowed into is normal. Appear in this process " talent circumfluence " phenomenon, be a kind inevitable --
Xiaoliu is backbone of technology of a colliery, from mining area before two years abdication applies for Chongqing a company works. Because the wife is far in mining area cannot family of give attention to two or morethings, not long ago returns to mine again.
As coal market situation improve, the talent team of enterprise of a few collieries also produced delicate change: The partial mine talent that in coal market fatigued and weak period leaves, begin regression.
When it is difficult that the enterprise is in, these people cannot with enterprise people in the same condition help each other; Now industry upturn, these people came back again, to this, partial worker has veiled word quite.
Actually, this kind " good horse eats later careless " the thing happens in colliery enterprise not only, be in in last few years each industry each domain is not rarely seen. What its mirror rear is phenomenon of circumfluence of a kind of talent.
Alleged " talent circumfluence " , the meaning appears very capacious. Arrive greatly the talent circumfluence between area, small the talent circumfluence to an unit. Circumfluence of the talent between area is put in home and international again two respects, home, from initial stage of reforming and opening " fly southeast the peacock " to not little nowadays peacock " time " fly big northwest; Between international, from " one Jiangchun water flows eastwards " to nowadays " chelonian " " the sea returns " everywhere. Meanwhile, the talent circumfluence phenomenon of the unit is relatively common also. So after all should how look upon the phenomenon of circumfluence of this kind of talent, how to face " eat later careless " " horse " , how look upon " circumfluence " talent? Whether treat as the same, what is worth affirmation, what should not be advocate, a series of debates that initiate from this are in warm up continuously.
This appears to the talent circumfluence between area among them controversy is less, no matter be the country studies abroad to homecoming,the award of personnel still is whole market environment to " the sea returns " people good-tempered, it is the manner of lean to one side almost. And those who be in underdeveloped area western inland province, to former " southeast flies " " peacock people " adjust policy actively to hope to be able to attract them " time fly " big northwest.
But to former preexistence some unit works, in " find new job " after perhaps doing poineering work independently because of a variety of reasons, "Hill does not turn water turns " this kind of phenomenon that the ground returns former unit and party, caused many controversy.
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