Does the enterprise groom how is ability efficient?
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"Groom " it is contemporary that these two words can say appear socially most frequent vocabulary, everybody has not been familiar with again. But want to want truly from what the appreciate in grooming grooms justice the person that need grooms thinks over well with the person that be groomed and know. In the past, I also had been groomed by others, also grooming now others, almost weekly two above, because I am in now,do management and sale From to seek advice to two enterprises. Grooming a lot of problems also discovered in the process, also harvest quite much. But I think from the enterprise groom begin, groom in the choice to the enterprise teacher and groom a few oneself view are offerred when content, also give groom referenced opinion is offerred when division grooms to the enterprise.
One, to grooming the understanding of division
Grooming master in this occupation army, groom the origin of division has 3 kinds: The first, scholar groom master. This kind grooms division is the teacher in the university more outer part-time job is done groom, acupuncture point of the call away inside course of study, what make public already successfully is secret. This kind grooms the feature of division is learned, academic sex is extremely strong, but actual combat sex is weaker. Groom rising is theory, have systematization quite, to grooming for student, can gain more knowledge, more inspiration; The 2nd, actual combat groom master. Of this one type groom division is basic it is make from a gleam of, groomed content has very strong actual combat sex, method, skill, method emerges in endlessly. This kind grooms division compares apparent feature is academic sex inadequacy, but the actual combat system that has oneself, this kind grooms division is global in the enterprise welcome; The 3rd, apprentice groom master. This kind grooms division is more just graduate before long undergraduate students or MBA, pass those who accept others to groom be groomed to come out groom of division or self-study grow into useful timber groom master. Most apparent feature is, the content become rigid of lecture, mode is changed, very difficult accommodate something to circumstances.
2, two fixed position that the enterprise grooms
(one) promotion grooms: The company must have fixed position to grooming according to the actual condition of the enterprise, do we need to groom what? Be to groom does basic level operate personnel? Middle-level controller? High-level leader? Must want to want to make clear. Because groom,target decision grooms content, have to match. Groom basic level the movement that talks how to be carried out, be about to talk about the promotion of the skill such as plan, organization, management to middle-level. The high level is about to will lead force, decision-making, management to wait. Cannot use in be opposite, groom content will be told to basic level, but groom to basic level the high level in content can be participated in.
(2) the problem grooms: The enterprise grooms in the choice when content, can undertake grooming according to the problem that at present company place encounters. Undertake classified according to pressing sex and importance, step-by-step arrangement grooms agenda, grooming the problem is solved in the process. If produce the dirty chaos that encounter to differ a problem to groom: Can groom 5S management, workshop management is all-around wait other by no means an isolated case a moment.
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