The signal of advertisement of bound of 10 big IT that makes a person enchanted
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The mankind is lost associate, the world will how. This advertisement that associate, not only be in IT industry, although be in domain of whole brand advertisement, also be the ad saying with uncommon imposing manner absolutely. In this ad saying, "Associate " be extensive justice, can be closely related to human development " contact " , " imagination " and so on; And with " lose... meeting how " the form that a kind of such hypothesis ask in reply, more the suggestion suffers numerous " associate " the importance to the mankind. Before union " associate computer " broadcast with the picture, at this moment " associate " became narrow sense, point to only " associate " brand. Different " associate " of the meaning agree without prior consultation, make get numerous generation " associate computer is right (we live) the world also is very important! " this kind " graft one twig on another " the advertisement statement of the type is validder to promoting public mood medium brand image. The TV ad that the indicative whole set that deserving to get on that group to have orangutan, wood communicates also lets a person remember profundity all the time!
Nuojiya: Science and technology is with the person this
The communication brand of a when come from Finnish capital Helsinki small town Nuojiya, can become giant of mobile communication of a world finally, this ad saying had very big effect. "Science and technology is with the person this " the brand core value that is Nuojiya. It is Nuojiya the concept in the constant in brand transmission, the drive that transfers Nuojiya to be consumer consider everywhere constantly to consumer -- a variety of fun that make the user enjoys human nature adequately to change place of science and technology to bring and convenient, gain the unforgettable experience such as achievement, vogue, individual character. Below the guiding of this advertisement concept, nuojiya makes a science and technology gradually banner, individualize, the brand that is full of human nature to change; One is brave in to innovate, have the brand of grade, vogue and life interest quite. Work steadily, nuojiya makes trade of Wang Tu bully finally.
Netease: The net gets together the person's force
The person's force is finite, the force of the network is infinite. The advertisement word of Netease " the net gets together the person's force " can saying is be quite correct. Internet, namely a kind " the net gets together the person's force " powerful tool. "Netease, the net gets together the person's force " this advertisement word is in the ave lane that TV, broadcast, newspaper, network waited media a moment to spread everywhere to complete China is passed when Internet is the most prosperous in those days, a lot of IT elite people true also in succession run quickly to Netease. This advertisement word also is saying of advertisement of Chinese Internet trade medium make classically.
China is mobile: Communicate begin from the heart
A little girl of 923 years old takes skill chance, dialed the telephone of very far from her grandfather, next offscreen voice rises slowly " China is mobile, communicate begin from the heart " . This touching occasion, the likelihood also is compatriots first time know telegraphic before enterprise to also can advertise, and advertisement can be done so touchingly. Also because such, "Communicate begin from the heart " Chinese shift made the trade of mobile network operation with the largest whole world very quickly.
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