Leader cannot insensible management is mensurable
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Some government law looks be like simple and common, often easy by negligence, but they are the industry rises cohesive affinity truly, extend the business chance, a magic weapon that increases benefit.
Ma Telai law
Matelaifa calls 80 ∶ 20 law again, its meaning is a 80 ∶ 20 as certain specific value, company of management of position business operator need not reach every aspect of a matter, and should emphasize particularly on 20% what scratch a key.
In light of the angle that manages from manpower resource, business operator should put main energy in to holding worker sum total on the management of the business backbone of 20% , seize the backbone power that the company expands, drive with this minority of 20% again hold the majority of 80% , in order to improve company efficiency.
From the point of the angle of sale, business operator should be captured hold sum total user of the key commodity of 20% , key, permeate manage, pull one hair in order to achieve and touch systemic effect. From the point of financing angle, business operator wants sum total is held in putting production on to manage limited fund on the priority discipline of 20% , optimize capital to cast ceaselessly to, raise capital to use efficiency.
Daweiduo is mensurable
With Intel company vice-president Daweiduo's name names amount to dimension much law. Daweiduo thinks, an enterprise wants to always hold dominant position in the market, so it is about to accomplish the first development to give new generation product forever, the first washs out his product.
The base point of this one law is development of market of with a view to and interest intersected effect. People is not grabbing anticipate opportunity in all the time in market competition, because enter the market first only, ability scores the gain of larger portion and high specified number more easily. The Intel company is developed in the product and Da Wei much law is pursued on promotion, it is the developer of microprocessor and advocate from beginning to end. Their product is not function is best certainly with speed the fastest, but it is newest that they are accomplished certainly. For this, they not hesitate the product that even if be the market is selling well,washs out oneself.
Amounted to dimension much law to announce to acquire successful true meaning below: Create new product ceaselessly, wash out old product in time, make new product enters the market as soon as possible, the product that succeeds with oneself forms new market and product standard; Form mass production then, gain profit of high specified number.
Silent humble is mensurable
Silent humble law results from air force undertook 1949 about " the sharp slowdown influence to air man " research. Experimental volunteers are bound to be on the blowmobile of rocket drive, when the blowmobile of flying travel balks, experimental personnel is met monitoring their state. Monitoring appliance is a kind by Edward of engineer of air force Captain. The armour that silent humble place designs, contain inside armour electrode. One day, in think to not have normally by accident in checking a process, armour did not record any data however, this makes technical personnel feels unusual shock. Silent humble discovers the electrode inside armour puts a fault each times later, he is then extemporaneous say: If some thing can have two,be planted or the method of two kinds of above will come true, and among them a kind of meeting causes disastrous error, and this one mistake often can happen.
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