Manage demon cuss: One person is standing to have 99 people on bended knees nece
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One, " bind condole to hit " into the enterprise
After the interior management system that anatomizes Chinese enterprise in personal experience and development and mechanism, those who perplex Chinese enterprise is not a system, also not be flow, not be technology, product and service more, the demon cuss that perplexes Chinese business management is: In a flock of philtrum, a person stands up to want to have ninety-nine individual on bended knees necessarily, the person that manages all bewilderment and dense fog to standing because of this one and ninety-nine the person of on bended knees spreads out.
By what a person is standing to let ninety-nine individual on bended knees, the method need not search, our ancestor is us early ready, that is " bind condole to hit " .
Bind: Use salary or welfare, period authority or hold wait for an interest to come to ground of ninety-nine individual be most willing to be bound to go up by the enterprise, the person's course is tied typically namely in process of talent invite applications for a job, look very fair, you should receive treatment of corresponding wages material benefits, must accept an enterprise to come " bunch " you.
Bind: Wait for the product line that will bind ground of ninety-nine individual firmly in the enterprise or administrative line to go up with multifarious workload, complex, strict system, follow one's inclinations punishment.
Condole: Give you the seat that ninety-nine individual does not get on to fall forever, it is complete genuflect, half genuflect, genuflect at most choose between a foot, anyway can on bended knees, the person that is on bended knees only is returned somewhat difference.
Hit: The person that stands up to those daring or insist to not be willing to kneel down person, give severe blow, punish is mixed ruthlessly cleared.
Such a boss stood up, ninety-nine employee genuflect went down, is standing person does not hope the person of on bended knees stands up forever, of on bended knees from, which do not want to stand up? So the boss of an enterprise was being finished " on the arms of old father and son, full brother that hit a tiger " primitive accumulation and hair use up his all period later, the subordinate that the energy that needs to use 80% above almost will come to solve on bended knees and employee the daedal, problem that emerge in endlessly.
2, two bank in Chinese company growing course
Attended the forum of the enterprise a few times this year, the industrialist that also has more opportunities and home face-to-face communication, the entrepreneur that sees China is busy, tired, suffering, irritated, a word that often hears is " the business leaves me one day to be no good! " the word of metaphor is: I also cannot let one day the business leaves me and exist.
If have a company, through the development of 15, had had 15 management specified numbers of 100 million, the dimensions of the enterprise also is be among the best of candidates inside course of study, but company manager can sleep only everyday 34 hours become aware. The reason is very simple, because the manager is standing inside the company, a flock of people of on bended knees are impossible to paddle one's own canoe the ground completes all works, if the manager does not ask in person, working procedure and flow rupture at can appearing certainly, the daily production that affects a business, manage with management. At the same time the boss is standing in the home, be on bended knees however outside, official of informal even a government, client is purchased, financial personnel, should cost energy and time to recieve with the dinner party. Old day is the fairest, give each person one day to have the time of 24 hours only, can sacrifice only so oneself Morpheus, with overdrawing oneself life and health are maintained, keep the honorific title of this group manager.
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