The 6 big trends that the company profits
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The 80 time of 20 centuries begin, individual operator of China is in of national policy open below, be like the practice like emerge. For a short while, all sorts of retailing shops are in countrywide each district is arisen, and the shop of communication equipment type manages mode is from 20 centuries 90 time initial stage begins. Run a such store at that time, profit can be in 30% above.
Before 10 years when enter 21 centuries, of China enter a life, the development of the network. Make a product coessential change, price vitrification, competition turns white-hot. How many does the management wool profit of communication product retailing shop still have now? Mobile phone retailing shop how Where is ability gain money? Future what is the trend that retailing shop of the mobile phone inside 30 years makes money?
The condition that from China macroscopical economy grows will analyse, before 10 years of 21 centuries, the new expression with occurrence more frequency is " small profit period " . All trades and professions is complaining, "Present business is done hard " ! From 1993 Chinese economy appears after overheat, the country is macroscopical adjusting control mechanism, publish a variety of policy to answer accordingly, through development of more than 10 years, chinese economy comes true successfully " soft landing " . Chinese economy is entered again relative to colder phase.
When one country when economy is colder, all industries, can appear generally so called " stagnant " condition; In idea of Chinese conduct financial transactions, "Put money " consciousness already root deep conclude originallies. But we think, in market economy, not " the business is done hard " view, in any industry, the company that still can 10% is control is in make money wildly. For instance: The Mcdonald's of meal course of study, KFC; The Woerma of retail trade, 7-11 is waited a moment, we study those who make money to each industries can have seriously, why?
The course considers to analyse, we discover these enterprises, shop so can gain, because they held what 21 centuries make money,be " trend " . At the same time they also mastered battalion of this travel already " successful recipe " . Cloud place says the Babama in A of no less than: "We are in make money, and those who earn is very happy, but how to earn? We won't tell you. We won't tell you..
Make money one, product trend
No matter economy grows what rate, "Cheap and fine " will be lasting and constant climate. The itself quality that content beauty is a product not only is good, can create use value for the client even, create appreciation value; machine of while you're at it, practical with individual character will be its the crucial spot that creates value, do not hope a mobile phone can satisfy everybody, any mobile phones can satisfy the requirement of one part person only forever.
Solve " cheap and fine " problem, best strategy is " thing is beautiful " apply addition, "Valence cheap " apply subtration. Alleged addition, it is to increase a function, increase performance, add a service, lengthen industrial catenary to wait. So called subtration is to reduce labour cost, stock cost, reduce management cost, run cost, reduce each charge to wait.
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