The definition of transformer of dry type transformer, oily dip electric power
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Do type transformer: Support air convection undertakes cooling, use at the Xiaorong such as circuitry of local lighting, electron to measure transformer commonly, in power system, general steam engine runs, boiler changes, change except ash, remove dust change, desulphurization changes etc is to do type to change, change than be 6000V/400V, use at taking the load of rated voltage 380V.
Transformer of oily dip type: Support oil makes cooling medium, the dip that be like oil from cold, oily dip wind is cold, oily dip water-cooling and force oily loop to wait. Average boost stands advocate changing is oily dip type, change than 20KV/500KV, or 20KV/220KV, general power plant is used at driving to take oneself load (grind coal machine for instance, bring fan, water pump of blower, loop) the factory uses transformer also is transformer of oily dip type, its change comparing is 20KV/6KV.