Analyse the advantage of electromagnetism flowmeter and inadequacy
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Electromagnetism flowmeter (Eletromagnetic Flowmeters, abbreviation EMF) it is time of 20 centuries 50~60 the new-style discharge that as the development of electronic technology rapid development rises measures meter. Electromagnetism flowmeter is made according to law of Faraday electromagnetism induction, with the appearance that will measure flow of electric liquid bulk. As a result of its distinct advantage, already was applied at all sorts of electric liquid discharge in industrial procedure to measure widely at present, wait for caustic medium like all sorts of acid, alkaline, salt; All sorts of oar current measure a volume, formed distinctive applied domain.
On the structure, electromagnetism flowmeter by electromagnetism flow transducer and converter two parts are comprised. Sensor installation is on industrial procedure conduit, its action is be worth the liquid bulk discharge inside inpour conduit linear commutation to become signal of n/ele be induced by electromotive force, send converter this signal through transmission line. Converter installation is in not quite far from sensor place, the discharge signal that it delivers sensor undertakes enlarge, date outputs the standard telecommunication that is changed into discharge signal to become direct ratio, with undertaking indication, accumulate and adjust control.
The main good point of electromagnetism flowmeter is as follows:
1) the sensor structure of electromagnetism flowmeter is simple, measure there is movable component inside the canal, also do not have the reduce expenditure component that any block up fluids flow. Won't cause when the fluid passes flowmeter so any additional pressure loss, it is one of flow meter that lowest of specific power consumption runs in flowmeter.
2) measurable bribe corrupt medium, caustic medium and the discharge that hang two-phase of solid of chaotic sex fluid to flow. Because appearance measures a canal,this is component of internal expedite flow, just measure tubal liner and electrode what contact with the fluid that be measured, its material but according to be being measured the character of the fluid chooses. For example, with get together 3 fluorine ethylene or get together 4 fluorine ethylene makes liner, measurable the caustic medium such as all sorts of acid, alkaline, salt; Use wear-resisting balata to make liner, special agree with measure those who contain solid grain, wear away the fluid such as bigger ore pulp, grout originallies two-phase shedding and all sorts of belts the liquid hanging chaotic such as fiber liquid and pulp.
3) electromagnetism flowmeter is a kind of bulk discharge measures meter, in measuring a process, the temperature that it does not get the medium that be measured, viscosity, density with electrical conductivity (in certain limits) influence. Accordingly, after electromagnetism flowmeter needs classics water demarcate only, satisfying with will measure flow of other conductivity liquid.
4) the output of electromagnetism flowmeter becomes direct ratio with the average velocity of flow of the medium that be measured only, and distributing with semmetry the flow condition below (laminar flow or onflow) have nothing to do. The span range of electromagnetism flowmeter is extremely so wide, its measure limits to spend can amount to 100: 1, some amounts to even 1000: Of 1 can run discharge range.
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