5 respects improve technology of caustic of wear-resisting of carpentry cutting
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Wear away according to carpentry cutting tool academic, want to raise the wearability of cutting tool, main avenue has: Raise cutting tool to be able to bear or endure ability of mechanical abrade tatty; Raise cutting tool to fight corrode tatty ability.
One, exterior heat treatment
Adopt method of appropriate exterior heat treatment, can make constituent structure of the metal transforms, raise hardness of cutting tool surface, increase its wearability.
2, ooze layer technology
Ooze layer technology is the chemical class status that changes cutting tool face, raise the method of a kind of thermo-chemical treatment of cutting tool wearability and corrosion resistance.
3, film technology
Eletroplating is a kind of traditional material protection method. Eletroplating adaptability is very strong, do not accept the restriction of workpiece size and batch, iron radical, be not iron radical, pulverous metallurgy, plastic go up to be able to eletroplate with the matrix such as black lead.
4, thermal spraying technology
Thermal spraying technology is to use gas, liquid fuel or electric arc, plasma arc to wait as heat source, heat the spray material such as metal, alloy, cermet, oxide, carbide melt or half melt condition, make through high speed air current its pulverization, eject, deposit arrives to form the method of adherent and firm surface layer through the workpiece surface of pretreatment.
5, coating technology
Coating technology is 20 centuries the technology of material surface modified that the development at the beginning of 70 time rises. It is to adopt regular method, in the difficult frit metal with tall wearability of layer of the Tu Fuyi on cutting tool matrix (or metalloid) compound, in order to raise cutting tool durability, be able to bear or endure corrode sex and fight high temperature oxidisability.