Our country beverage sticks sign chance phylogeny
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Although push majority abroad product in nearly 3 years of time,China sticks sign chance went abroad " the door " , but still do not have a position in the international market but character. The homebred confidential that stick label wants to infiltrate international market, enhance international competition ability, should be in " qualitative " and " quantity " on firm makes great efforts.
China is beer production big country, quantity of beer total produce and sale already ranked the world 3 years continuously the first, hold the increases by degrees speed already was to be not contended for fact of two digit every year, rate of this kind of growth predicts to still will last a period. Of course, the competition of beer consumption market is very intense also, will describe with brave, miserable intense it is not beyond the mark also to be afraid. Actually this kind of competition is a kind all-around, the competition of diversity, exclude other factor, odd with respect to outer packing character, its actor or actress bad degree also reachs the action that decides success or failure since the meeting occasionally. This already were agreed with by the policymakers of this industry. And increase the quality that pack and exterior class, crucial equipment should belong to the machine that stick label. The stand or fall of product exterior quality meets what affect people directly accept or reject view. Accordingly, beer production company chooses to go up in what stick sign chance very discreet, in use suffers fully caress, also not hesitate on care and maintenance devoted manpower, material resources and financial capacity.
Chinese beer produces per year a quantity from inadequacy swift and violent development goes to 3 million kiloliter year of today's crop 3, 1.895 million kiloliter, experienced about 20 years of time, and the development process that China sticks sign chance and beer production are same, also have the time that influences 20 years only, I think, the manufacturing development process that China sticks sign chance can divide for 3 phase:
One, from 20 centuries 80 time end is the first phase to 1994. This phase basically is to introduce, be modelled on the machine sticking label with the not complete function that abroad already washed out. Manufacturer of production of a few engine that stick label can be produced only at that time stick 2 label (mark of neck, body) the machine that stick label, one kind is model sticks sign chance for 12-8-6 circumgyrate type, one kind is model sticks sign chance for 15-4-6 circumgyrate type. The type that has nearly 200 about is 15-4-6 (productivity 24, 000 bottles / when) the machine that stick label and many 200 model are 12-8-6 (productivity 12, 000 bottles / when) the fill outfit that sticks sign aircraft equipment to be in works of domestic each beer moves on product line, and the machine sticking label on product line of major fill outfit is entrance product. This one period, beer is packed need to stick 2 label only, these homebred machines still basically can satisfy a requirement. Because homebred equipment is in,function, function, exterior and respect of the quality that stick label and entrance equipment photograph compare difference too great disparity, produce any menace impossibly to importing equipment. Accordingly, everybody is in condition of live in peace with each other. This period imports the machine that stick label to take dominant place on Chinese market, majority beer manufacturer or choice entrance stick sign chance. What Guangdong's provincial beer works basically uses is Germany Kelangsi (KRONES) product.
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