The choice of numerical control machine tool
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When choosing numerical control machine tool, should consider the issue of the following respects commonly:
(1) numerical control machine tool is main the dimension of norms should suit with the outline dimension photograph of workpiece. Namely little work should be machined when the machine tool that chooses small norms, and the machine tool treatment that great work chooses big norms, those who accomplish equipment is reasonable use.
(2) machine tool structure depends on the influence of the element such as the dimension of machine tool norms, weight that processes work.
(3) the working precision of the machine tool and the treatment precision photograph that working procedure asks suit. According to the treatment of the spare parts precision asks to choose a machine tool, be like the rough machining working procedure with precision low demand, should choose the machine tool with low precision, the finish machining working procedure with precision high demand, should choose the machine tool with tall precision.
(4) the power of the machine tool and stiffness and motor-driven limits should suit with the property of working procedure and the rightest cutting dosage. If the semifinished product surplus of purify of rough machining working procedure is large, cutting surplus is chosen greatly, have great power and better stiffness with respect to requirement machine tool.
(5) hold clip structure of convenient, clamping apparatus is simple also be a choice an element that numerical control equipment is need consideration. The choice uses machine tool of horizontal numerical control, still choose machine tool of vertical numerical control, the structure of the clamping apparatus that chooses immediate impact and treatment coordinate are, matter to the difficult easy degree of numerical control process designing and the dependability that numerical control machines directly.
What ought to notice is, choosing the function that numerical control equipment should make full use of when numerical control machine tool, have reasonable development according to need, in order to enlarge the function of numerical control machine tool, satisfy the need of the product. Next, according to chooses numerical control machine tool, optimize numerical control to machine plan and craft course further, adjust the content of working procedure appropriately according to need.
The choice machines a machine tool, want to make sure the technique that processes a spare parts asks above all, can machine the part that gives qualification. It is to should be helpful for improving manufacturing efficiency next, reduce manufacturing cost. The structure that chooses to machine a machine tool to want to consider a machine tool commonly, carring capacity, power, journey and precision. Still answer to ask to mix according to the material status that machines a spare parts, technology condition technology is sophisticated degree, choose the numerical control machine tool of appropriate, economy, consider the impact of the following element integratedly.
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