Laser machine is being packed presswork the application of the industry
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To most product, packing is a requisite not only, and can become a distinctive to sell a site, promote the sale of the product thereby. Graph of the brand the product, mark, form code, other perhaps sign imprints in the product to wrap mount, this to packing it is very important for the industry. Other and fundamental application includes to be in stiletto of plastic bag mount, in order to lengthen the goods shelves of easy cankered food period; Perhaps pack in paper, mount of chipboard, plastic perhaps bag stays beforehand have rip a mouth. Gold carries machine of cut of laser engraving tool makes mark machine
Laser carves what the technology is in the world to go up to pack presswork the effect with the main move since the industry. Laser technology can undertake those who avoid a contact presswork process, the wear intensity that makes the product is packed falls lowest. And black-and-white process comparatives quickly, accurate, imprint the graph article that go out or font are permanent, fight tatty. Gold carries laser industry applies a solution
This technology can be offerred to pack course of study and paper industry fast, clean, safety and pack the effect that print accurately.
China attracts worldwide attention in economic developmental achievement, have the market that latent capacity has most on the world. As flexible presswork the work up that is in China, the demand of roller of reticulation of laser pottery and porcelain will be bigger and bigger.
With conventional treatment equipment photograph is compared, equipment of laser beam machining has his clear advantage. Gold carries machine of cut of laser engraving tool makes mark machine
Equipment of laser beam machining uses science and technology of unifinication of smooth, machine, report, it is an organic whole with computer be in harmony, have high speed, efficient characteristic, additional explicit precision, quality and bright and clean degree on also far excel tradition machines equipment, before because this can transform promotion,the tradition imprints, the medium technology segment after imprinting. Gold carries laser industry applies a solution
Besides, presswork to packing as people product quality demand is higher and higher, equipment of laser beam machining is pressworking the applied foreground of the industry that pack is sure more capacious.