Gush code machine packs the applied current situation that go up in dressing
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As the rise of dressing company output, the temperature that to gush code machine uses also is rising. Gush code machine already made the necessary equipment on each trade product line almost at present, to the client character, the manufacturing data that chooses corresponding technology and printing ink to accord with his with be being designed and the in season that produce an environment pile up a solution crucial.
At present dressing industry gush piles up main difficult point of the technology to have:
1 , in all sorts of different capable person qualitative surface undertakes marking. The packing material of dressing is qualitative as varied as label content, want the content that pledges in different capable person exterior label differs, if choose ink jet coding, need has those who apply to diverse demand a series of shower nozzle model, include to be able to obtain the shower nozzle of small character accord with of quality of extremely tall label; If use laser gush to pile up a technology, need to choose to be able to rely on a variety of adjustment such as contrast, definition, height, will acquire the laser plane of accurate label effect.
2, gush imprints quality, whether obtain clear, high quality label, gush imprints the problem that quality is manufacturing company care. The adherent force of printing ink is a of printing ink type selecting important and referenced index normally. The surface that spends with high density is spent to should choose the printing ink of high adherent power in Gao Guangjie, general case is beautiful with choosing general printing ink. To a few conditions that need to be piled up in the gush on food, should pick provision level ink or environmental protection ink. To the product that package wanting immediately after gush is piled up, the dry time of printing ink is attached most importance to especially should, optional and wash-and-wear model printing ink, also can adopt add blowy device to accelerate printing ink dry.
3, fit austere manufacturing environment and strict wholesome requirement. When dressing production manufacturer is selecting gush code engine, must want to consider to be able to bear or endure the function of tall moisture, tall dust. Because this gush piles up the stainless steel construction of machine and IP65 protector often very be necessary.