The actual application of the notional classification of one-way a powerful pers
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One-way a powerful person weighs check valve again or go against stop a powerful person. Use in hydraulic pressure system to prevent oil to shed retrorse flow.
One-way a powerful person has direct form and orthogonal type two kinds. Direct form is one-way a powerful person is with threaded coupling installation on pipeline. One-way a powerful person has orthogonal type join of threaded coupling, board type and flange join 3 kinds of forms. Fluid accuses to one-way a powerful person also calls closedown a powerful person or be protected approach valve, it and one-way a powerful person are same, in order to prevents oily fluid to flow reversely. But in hydraulic pressure loop need oil flows control oil pressure can be used again when retrorse flow, open one-way valve, make oil shedding can flow in two direction. Fluid accuses one-way a powerful person to use core of cone-shaped a powerful person, because this is sealed the gender can be good. Close in the requirement when oil path, can use this a powerful person to rise as the one-way locking of oil path protect control function. The leak means that fluid charges one-way a powerful person to control oil has inside discharge type and outside discharge type 2 kinds. Can use in the oil path that sheds retrorse exit not to have back pressure in oil inside discharge type; Want form of the discharge outside using otherwise, in order to reduce force of control oil pressure.