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Will come 7 days on June 4, by aluminium of association of structure of Chinese building metal committee of wall of door window act sponsors, Heibei Ao Runshun amounts to window line of business limited company undertakes " the building uses energy-saving door window the first part: Aluminous Mu Fu closes a window " draft make working conference save city of tall tablet inn to hold in Heibei. On the meeting, the energy-saving sex that comes from national quality to supervise center, home to evaluate more than 40 expert of well-known company inside orgnaization, course of study, leader to close a window to aluminous Mu Fu offers sufficient affirmation.
The Heibei Ao Runshun that according to assuming the aluminium that draft Mu Fu closes window state level amounts to window line of business the concerned controller of limited company introduces, the superior performance that aluminous Mu Fu closes a window is collect lumber and aluminous material anti-corrosive, hardness is advanced advantage the new product at an organic whole. This product is joined through mechanical method by aluminium alloy profile and lumber and become. Compare with traditional window photograph, this product was fighting the respect such as function of wind pressure, heat preservation, sound insulation, airtight, watertight to those who pledge rise, energy-saving effect is outstanding.
In the meantime, aluminous Mu Fu adds up to a window to still have double adornment effect, from indoor looking is sweet and decorous wood window, from outdoor looking is high and luxurious aluminium alloy window. The woodiness surface of indoor a side passes Qi Tu of ability in swimming of environmental protection of avirulent, dull to brush, have very good adornment function and visual effect, fireproof sex and fast performance are good. And the means of window body open of timberwork is diversiform, can satisfy the requirement of different consumer.
Delegate attending the meeting adds up to the energy-saving sex of the window to offer sufficient affirmation to aluminous Mu Fu. They express, 33% what at present our country builds specific power consumption to take countrywide total specific power consumption, and those who build specific power consumption 51% be a prediction of a person's luck in a given year of window of move into one's husband's household upon marriage. Aluminous Mu Fu closes a window energy-saving effect is apparent, accord with the requirement with energy-saving building, have wide development perspective. Of the standard make in time, the quality that will solve window of domestic energy-saving door effectively to produce an industry to exist is uneven, a series of link such as the craft of manufacturing technology index, treatment that make, installation craft are not quite perfect wait for a problem.
According to introducing, this standard predicts will carry out at will be being released in the whole nation in September 2009.

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