Equipment manufacturing industry accelerates executive standard strategy
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In the countrywide machinist that held recently course of study standardizes working conference to go up, national hair changes appoint Xiong Bilin of industrial department vice director points out, " a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating " the specific target that revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry and key work with standardization closely related. To fulfil " a certain number of opinions " , machinist job standardizes the job to answer innovation mechanism, key promotion of breakthrough, whole, perfect system regards core as the task.
Xiong Bilin points out, machinist job standardization is in " 915 " period should push reform, perfect standard chemical industry makes market mechanism; Want to accelerate rate, change condition of standard extended active duty; Want aggrandizement government, make sure metric system edits the job undertakes in order according to the plan; Should pay attention to groom, raise standardization job quality and level; Want to strengthen cooperation, be the same as standardization job the job of orgnaization of professional association, qualitative check, attestation orgnaization organic union; Want to make good service, drive a standard actively to carry out, enhance standardization job effectiveness.
Standardize the problem of innovation mechanism to machinist job, xiong Bilin points out, metric system edits the job should establish mechanism of major project form a complete set, the project of research and development of great technology equipment that determines around the country namely, the standard feasibility that has form a complete set considers to work, strive for study the standard to make bring into project plan, regard the serious content of new product appraisal as product standard, what development of important core technology, crucial technology and standard develop implementation property is synchronous. Meanwhile, the standard is making the tie that standardization and work of scientific research development strengthen even when editing, make own innovation is contained in the standard technology and change scale of achievement of science and technology to rise apparently; Should value resource of managing standard make, add industrial equipment can resource of effect standard, sewage spends proportion of standard, managing data standard; Should increase a standard to edit working strength, make the standard gets used to mechanical equipment product and component production to create comprehensive promotion of the level.