2008 " come back dig borer " national level Yu Guoqing is carried out formally
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Xu Gong builds a road to attend the GB/T21682 that make, 2008 " come back dig borer " national level manages commission approval to release at was being pledged by the country check total bureau, country is standardized on April 22, 2008, rose to be carried out formally on October 1, 2008. This will be right the port with raise product quality to rise very level of technology of product of normative market, promotion and safety performance, principal.
GB/T21682 -- 2008 " come back dig borer " national level is our country digs borer product to recommend sexual technology level to coming back, this state level is to be being summed up domestic and international advanced come back on the foundation of the specifications that digs borer and safety performance, combinative our country comes back the requirement that digs borer construction craft, dig the rated output torque of the product of borer to coming back, method of the technical parameter such as the diameter that become hole, deepness that become hole and function index, professional term, safe requirement, quality that become hole, dependability, experiment made specific provision, for the enterprise design and production come back dug borer product to provide main technique basis.