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Come on stage as what the country urges policy of industry of automobile of new energy resources, people is higher and higher also to the cry of electric car lift a ban. Zhang Xuewen of deputy secretary-general of guild of Chinese report motor-car expressed a few days ago, reform of the State Council and development center had begun the whole nation survey of each company of electric car production, clutch make an industry produce a standard, reckon trade policy can come on stage the most quickly inside year, this means the people inside year to opening the electric car start off with energy-saving environmental protection with respect to hopeful.
As the rocket of international crude price, the production of research and development of the car of new energy resources that is a delegate with electric car was carried program. However, because electric car production does not have occupation standard all the time, plus product quality the policy of form a complete set such as uneven, traffic is not perfected wait for an element, electric car cannot hang out his shingle in home start off, export abroad except minority, much can enter rural market only. In home, hefei and other places takes the lead in making local policy, to electric car big give the green light, allow to hang out one's shingle start off, still can deal with insurance formalities even. The city chats in Shandong, local government also begins to begin to establish policy standard electric car, the personnel that allows hold C2 and above driver's license drives electric car start off.
Current, numerous and electric car produces a business already nose electric car be about to the flavour of lift a ban, prepare for war in succession huge home market. Liu Fujun of general manager of line of business of car of rich district of Shandong heart city tells a reporter, "The electric motor-car that we produce can be in abroad to sell only, because home supports without relevant code, cannot hang out his shingle start off, the relevant processing measure when occurrence accident does not have standard and basis, some consumer dare be not bought. " he hopes the government can popularize electric car actively, for open up of electric car start off " green passageway " .