Valve standard makes industry standard remain to promote again
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Housing of People's Republic of China and ministry of urban and rural construction issued announcement recently, approve Zhejiang aegis to install valve limited company to draft " butterfly form delay closes check valve " (CJ/T282-2008) and " prejudicial hemisphere a powerful person " (two standards regard CJ/T283-2008) as standard of product of town construction industry, will rise to be carried out formally inside countrywide limits on November 1, 2008 at was being mixed on October 1, 2008 respectively.
Aegis installs valve to insist to promote technical progress and innovation work in order to standardize from beginning to end. Be drafted in what perfect the foundation of industry standard to go up to attend industry and national level actively continuously and edit the job, will two years had attended draft and castigatory country and occupation standard in all 8, strong promoted aegis to install valve inside the industry famous degree, won the active right that the market competes.