Expert of countrywide pump industry assembles in Wen Ling to edit new standard
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Face cost to increase, export what agriculture machinery product discharges a standard to rise, how does Chinese agriculture machinery produce an enterprise to answer? Recently, the Chinese agriculture machinery that holds in lukewarm mountain city learns branch of machinery of irrigation and drainage working group of sumbersible pump of committee of technology of the 8th board and standardization of countrywide agriculture machinery establishs congress to go up, the expert that comes from countrywide pump industry and well-known company delegate assemble in Wen Ling to give counsel for the enterprise.
Current, lukewarm mountain city has many 1500 pump kind manufacturing company, annual produce many yuan 200. In recent years, although line of business of pump of lukewarm mountain city arrives from dimensions, benefit, breed, quality, brand,ability of technical innovation research and development rises ceaselessly, formed economy of distinctive lump of section of pump line of business, but the affects this city pump trade of domestic international situation brings not little challenge. The expert of association of countrywide agriculture standard is analysed, the business should have answered situation of these home, international, must aggrandizement innovation consciousness, promotion ability, carry out the manufacturing treatment of standardization strictly. Suggest the government strengthens policy to tilt, perfect allowance mechanism.
It is reported, working group of sumbersible pump of committee of technology of standardization of countrywide agriculture machinery and industry will are opposite in group pump kind reach irrigate 17 content of the standard, machinist industry standard and quality introduction undertake discussion. Line of business of pump of new Territories of lukewarm mountain city share of Europe of benefit of the regnal fine of limited company of industry of yuan of the Xu Min cropland of limited company, Zhejiang is big pump, Zhejiang (7.32, 0.07, 0.97% , ) the Yan Tufu of limited company 3 people, and other the member that machinery of agriculture of 14 whole nations standardizes working group of technical committee sumbersible pump is in charge of finishing metric system of state of domain of sumbersible pump course of study to edit together.