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The vane that occupation standard is industry development and the criterion that enter town, it is the commanding elevation of market sale, can be the capacity that who has formulate level the remain invincible in market competition.
This shows, the sense of formulate occupation standard is very great. Especially project machinery industry, long-term since, product of machine of our country project gets the competitive pressure of product of high level of foreign country of be confined to, be in inferior position in the market for a time. In recent years, development of project machinery industry is swift and violent, because do not have,follow the occupation standard that must go up accordingly however, industry development appears so not clear, and the competitive mode that the market forms a standard very hard also.
In June 2008, national development and make known to lower levels of reform council general office ask each industry formulate is corresponding standard announcement, whole project adds up to 1761, among them many projects involve project machine trade. Those who make a person glad is, the relevant section such as association of industry of Chinese project machinery has realized before this formulate accords with the importance of the occupation standard that develops demand, a lot of jobs spread out first half of the year already, undertaking in ground of in an orderly way at present in.
Occupation standard formulate lags behind badly
Be in early 1994, machine of machinist job project standardizes technical committee to had held water. But development arrives today, occupation standard appeared however a lot of problems, the mainest reason is replacing not quite seasonable, original standard at the standard incommensurate real need. Have quite level of one part state is at the formulate before 2000, serious lag. is to be after 2000, development of industry of machinery of our country project is swift and violent, the product upgrades the speed of replacement is splitting, have emerge in large numbers of a large number of new products, new technology every year, original standard already cannot accurate measure an industry to develop a standard, adaptability of standard effectiveness, market rise urgently. The reporter understands, a lot of enterprises ever were the participator when original metric system is ordered, they also state at present occupation standard lag can develop generation to manacle to the enterprise in succession.
Below a such environments that do not have reasonable guidance, have no way of concerned management department has science government to the industry, go against the further progress of the industry. A lot of enterprises to solve this problem, early or late the product level that formulate gave him, the product that makes derive from a body thereby has a level but abide, the product produces link to be able to perfect. But this also caused a problem at the same time, as a result of standard of formulate of each company proper motion, piece the machine on the market becomes a system each now, make the user just weighs product stand or fall hard through an unified mode, the maintenance that gives a machine caused a lot of needless troubles. In addition, also have quite a batch of enterprises, as a result of the reason that oneself actual strength is not worth or ill will competes, to the product guard a pass not quite strict, and these products constituted potential menace to the benign development of whole industry undoubtedly.
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