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Double ring transmission: gear to benefit the manufacturing industry to upgrad
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Investment Highlights: Gear manufacturing technology industry leader. With the gear of other companies within the industry are the development of gear components (gearbox, accelerator, etc.), corporations located in the beginning from the establishment of specialized gear parts manufacturers, gear parts for other manufacturers to provide high-quality gear products. In production equipment, the company's grinders, lathes and other equipment, mostly imported products, personnel, the company's core production staff of experienced and less liquid. We believe that the company's production technology in a leading position in the industry, which is in gear industry's core competitiveness. Trend of auto parts specialized production brought the company a huge market space. The major products supply company Fast, Dongan other auto transmission manufacturers, the demand for high quality products, makes more and more specialized parts from manufacturers to increase the intensity of outsourcing, the company's traditional customers SAIC gear, Modern Mosby Dengjun increased the range of products from the company and the number of purchases. At the same time a new round of automobile production capacity expansion will ensure the company market growth, the company has received, such as the hippocampus and other companies have cooperation intention expansion plans, which are making the next release of new production companies are fully protected. Future goals to become the standard technology gear makers. With the expansion of production scale and technological strength of the upgrade, the company will further strengthen the co-development with downstream customer relationships, early intervention downstream customer product design process, design and development for customers gear products meet their requirements. The company has collaboration with a number of transmission companies, the company provides solutions and gear transmission products, products designed to reduce noise and improve availability. We believe that the short term as setting the standard for gear production, although difficult to achieve this goal, but the collaborative development of cooperation with customers downstream customers will increase dependence on the company's products, the company has strong bargaining power, and stable customer resources .