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Oerlikon solar power systems and services will be reorganized
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瑞士欧瑞康 (Oerlikon) Group recently announced that in order to further optimize the operational and management structure, profit growth, the company decided to drive business and its solar business restructuring. Oerlikon Graziano and Oerlikon Fairfield will be consolidated into two business unit Oerlikon transmission business, but the brand name or not. In addition, Gary Lehman has been named business unit Oerlikon Drive System CEO, 12 月 1st assumed. He will give full play to the advantages of merging the two departments to expand in Asia and complete the restructuring. Since 2003, Gary Lehman had served as division of Oerlikon Fairfield CEO, in the five years of his appointment, and their turnover and operating profit increased significantly. Gary Lehman also worked at Philips Electronics, ITT Automotive, and John Deere and other companies. Oerlikon Graziano's current CEO will retire in May 2011, before retiring ensure a smooth transition.