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ABB drive product for the 2010 Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies sail
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Following the 2010 Asian Games hosted by China after the Beijing Olympic Games, another sporting event. The overall use of the Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies venues ship shape ideas, a symbol of China's sports industry to grow, our athletes are ready to set sail. Guangzhou Asian Games Sailing lift system is the first system of four choreographers, 16 ABB ACS800 series drive using DTC control can enhance the high degree of precise control of fan and fan base to ensure the overall consistency of the requirements under the choreography. The DI through the mouth and drive to achieve the centralized and local control sail. The system control subjects on four sail on the mast / sail under sail form the background, a total of eight Pianfan. 2 sets using PM581-ETH controller AC500-PLC via PROFIBUS-DP field bus control 16 ACS800 drive to synchronize the eight Pianfan or lifting control required to achieve the action choreography. This program uses the AC500-HA high reliability control systems to optimize the control system cost. ABB drive master / slave applications to enhance the macro is also very good solution to the two motor drag the same synchronization between the load and can be switched with each other, so the system has good redundancy and high reliability. EMC built into the line reactor and filter appears to reduce the external interference field. The successful commissioning of key projects, directly supporting projects have led to other selected ABB brand. Beijing ABB Oy, Mr. President Tao Snow • Hai Nuola attached great importance to this project, and always concerned about the progress of the project and said: "ABB's power transmission products in China has been the focus of successful projects, such as the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai Expo, we are very honored to be able to protect China's key projects, we take this as the Chinese government ABB brand recognition and trust. We will continue to provide customers with better products and services, using our advanced technology China to make greater contributions to the building. "