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Address the gap between the basic parts transmission parts market is optimistic
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As we all know, machinery and equipment by "power, transmission and control" systems consisting of the three, including gears, bearings, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, seals, low voltage electrical, electromechanical integration equipment and other basic parts, transmission parts In the system played an important role. The rapid development of machinery industry in recent years to promote basic parts, transmission parts production and sales increases exponentially. According to statistics, the 2003 national machinery industry output value reached 2.522222 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.78%; machinery industrial added value was 620.032 billion yuan, an increase of 26.05%, the national economy has made important contribution to the development of Offerings. Product output from the situation, as the basic parts, the main users of automotive transmission parts, machine tools, engineering machinery, plastics machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery and other products in 2003 has a double-digit growth; the Results If the bearing is driven up by 14%, up 33% of hydraulic parts, hydraulic parts increased 66%, up 22% of fasteners, industrial chain, an increase of 18%, 40% Gear up, gear up 34%, the situation is excellent. Especially in the state, "revitalizing the northeast old industrial base" and "western development" strategy, driven by market demand for the North has a faster growth. In which the machinery in North China in 2003 the growth rate of industrial output To 36.38%, Liaoning Province, northeast China's machinery industry output growth rate reached 33.69%, the development of machinery industry in the country have a prominent position. In 2003 the first batch of countries have launched 100 projects to support national debt northeast old industrial base for technological transformation projects, invested 600 billion yuan. If combined with local matching funds and thus investment in other channels driven Estimated total investment will reach hundreds of billions. From this we can imagine, the prospect of economic development in Northeast will be very exciting. General and technological transformation projects in infrastructure, about 40% of the funds should be used to purchase machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment that form the basis of the host as well as related parts, transmission parts of the huge market no doubt is very gratifying . Not long ago, Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation Steel Plant project for the new large-scale hydraulic systems and equipment and start the bidding, which has shown huge market demand. Field that the Chinese economy, China's most dynamic economy The three areas are: the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai region. Bohai Sea region which accounts for 20% of GDP, with 5800 km coastline, 20 large and medium cities, 60 ports, more than 200 colleges and universities, More than 800 research institutions, more than 40 million scientific and technical personnel; is being formed to Beijing, Tianjin as the dual-core world-class city with its both sides of the city group, industry group. If we add the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the revitalization of Northeast China Favorable background, we can say here is really unlimited business opportunities. Of course, optimistic about the market, we also need to address our basic parts, transmission parts technology gap. First, the product structure, China's current hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components over more than a century 80 years the introduction of technology or tracking imitation, lack of products with independent intellectual property rights. Secondly, technological development, our research into capacity is still very weak. Although the annual number of scientific papers and patents are not registered Less, but the basic can not be converted to production capacity in a timely manner. In addition, in terms of market share, the current domestic hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components accounted for about 45%, while other more than half of the market are all occupied by imported products. It is because of China's basic parts, transmission parts technology gap, but also makes these areas in international economic and technological cooperation and exchange of great promise. Therefore, when in September 2004 held in Beijing, "China (Beijing) International Exhibition for Power Transmission and Automatic Control (PTAC China 2004) "The message is sent after the reflection of domestic and foreign exhibitors are very positive. Should say "2004 China (Beijing) International Exhibition for Power Transmission and Automatic Control (PTAC China 2004)" is have a good background and foundation. The exhibition was originally started in 1991, held in Beijing in PTC Exhibition held in Beijing fourth. Since 1999, PTC transferred to the Shanghai Exhibition and continue to hold the main every single year. November 2001 PTC exhibition held in Shanghai, we had 181 Chinese and foreign Visit exhibitors survey conducted, the results indicated that 83.33% of the enterprises held in Beijing on dual power transmission and control technology exhibition interest; to promote the northern region of the basic parts, transmission parts exhibition market Will support. This is our 2004 exhibition organized by PTAC an important basis and foundation.