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Quality not the main factor that beautiful becomes component of block up China t
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A trade official of Germany says, the spare parts quality that Chinese supplier produces is relatively inferior, this is block up the element that these component export Europe.
HelmutStein says: "We need the Chinese supplier with more quality higher level. " he ever held the post of controller of masses automobile group, now is the controller that German car guild is stationed in Beijing quality group.
Stein says, masses car " a few component were bought in China, but go German shop without carry. " the word of a not famous supplier says his cite, they are in Chinese supplier, only 10 % achieve exit quality to ask.
Stein says, to Chinese consumer, quality also is a big question.
He says, 2005, the person of China that drive mentioned 6700 cases in the light of Motor Corporation lawsuit, among them 4700 related to quality problem.