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Later period of price of steel products of predicting home of Department of Comm
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Department of Commerce concerns chief 9 days to express, price of steel products of near future home and iron ore price go low continuously, predicting later period still has one to drop surely space.
Move according to market of Department of Commerce adjust the business affairs forecast that department issued a few days ago, average price will be domestic steel products September 5670 yuan of / ton, relatively will drop August 5. 9 % , build rolled steel to drop among them bigger, wire price drops 7. 2 % .
In addition, average price will be end home iron ore in September 1200 yuan of / ton, every tons relatively end will drop in August 12. 4 % . Because marine cost goes low considerably, drive price of haven iron ore to drop. On September 26 Tianjin harbor 63. Iron ore of 5 % India quotes (haven merchandise on hand) for 1000 yuan of / ton, every tons relatively end will drop in August 23. 1 % .
This controller points out, the main reason that price of domestic steel products drops is, fall after a rise of industrial product output brings reinstate steel demand to decrease. Output of freezer of domestic air conditioning, small-sized tractor, family expenses, car will be the same as score not to decrease August 18. 2 % , 10. 5 % , 6 % and 3. 3 % . Although construction of near future building has anabiosis, but market level of building steel products did not rebound, still show drop quickly posture. Additional, the raw material price such as iron ore, coke drops, steel-making cost also drops considerably.
At present the price of steel-making raw material such as coke still is going low, domestic company reduced rolled steel producer price in succession, in the meantime, partial steelworks reduction of output, stop production, iron ore demand decreases, domestic iron ore is supplied comfortable. Accordingly, price of steel products of home of predicting later period and iron ore price still have one to drop surely space.