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Our country already made the world bevel gear of helix of roll flute of the bigg
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By individual plant continent limited company of special type gear assumes Woerde " development of bevel gear of circular arc of burden of high speed of big norms high accuracy and research " project, passed the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that hall of Hunan Province science and technology organizes a few days ago. Mention this one achievement, as enjoy the expert with special and subsidiary the State Council, vice-chairman of gear major society holds hall of secretary-general king sound concurrently, in difficult curb heart excited, say to the reporter repeatedly, this is our country major equipment in the foundation the one big breakthrough of the domain, it broke abroad again the technical forestall to our country.
As we have learned, the own research and development of our country large equipment suffers crucial component all the time restrict, especially equipment of our country automobile, mine equipment, metallurgy equipment, oil equipment, building materials equipment, generate electricity and the import is counted all the time since the bevel gear of helix of big norms high accuracy that the field place such as ship equipment requires is long-term, on the world only a few a few countries can be produced. Pass appraisal this and already of the helix bevel gear that batch produces the biggest outside round diameter amounts to 1100mm, modulus most greatly 24mm, facewidth most greatly 190mm, the diameter of the largest fixed position of bevel gear axis is 200mm, it is the bevel gear of roll flute helix on eye preexistence bound. Appraisal committee thinks, the development of this product is successful, fill home is blank, broke the monopoly of foreign product, alleviated effectively of component of key of major equipment domain restrict bottleneck.
In south college professor Ceng Tao is our country's famous gear expert, he goes up to the world know sth like the palm of one's hand of productivity of bevel gear of helix of burden of high speed of big norms high accuracy. He says, what American equipment machines is the biggest outside round diameter arrives only 800mm, german equipment arrived 1000mm, our country is afterwards United States, Germany later, the 3rd can produce bevel gear of numerical control helix mill tine machine, roll flute machine, grind tine machine series is high-grade the country of equipment. The product that Wo Er must introduce homebred YK22100 total number to accuse helix bevel gear mill to age machine and roll flute machine are produced is the oldest outside round diameter achieved 1100mm, and diameter of axis of fixed position of driving pulley of foreign equipment treatment can achieve 100mm only, woerde achieved 200mm, product precision can reach 5~6 level, this is one big breakthrough, also be current the biggest process capability that bevel gear of helix of high accuracy of our country big norms can obtain in home.
Regard circular arc of burden of high speed of high accuracy of this big norms as the user of bevel gear, the boat is versed in Cao Yun of standing vice director tells the technical center of limited company of Chongqing gear case the reporter again in, as economic development, the product line of the industry such as mine, cement, steel rolling does bigger more, thereby ecbolic market of machine of our country large decelerate. Heavy tine is country's biggest industry heavy-duty decelerate mechanism builds one of businesses, the company designs manufacturing vertical to grind decelerate machine in recent years is to solve cement crocus, power plant to grind the patent product of the special requirement such as crocus of scoria of coal, slag. Bevel gear of helix of high accuracy, high strenth, big norms, hard tooth flank is get used to this kind of product the hi-tech core component of specific requirement, but wait for a reason as a result of foreign technology forestall, vertical of heavy tine company is ground machine this part that uses since put into production counts an import all the time, and resource is quite nervous. In Cao Yun's impression, heavy tine company is in nearly 20 years all the time to search a big norms the supplier of high-grade helix bevel gear and rush about. They went around America, Europe and Japan, had used the product of several countries, order goods cycle grows generally, the price is high. Choose the product of an enterprise of boreal Europe later, the seaborne time after case approachs two months, a pair of gear only freight is about 20 thousand euro. He says gladly, this has fallen, can obtain resource in home, component bottleneck can alleviate effectively, the cost of lead plane product can be reduced greatly, the market competition ability of heavy tine company also will rise subsequently.
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