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Receive project machine to rent the sunny times of the industry
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Enter 90 age, develop flourishingly as Wu of our country real estate, to equipment demand expand quickly, rent begin to become a kind of industry to appear truly in those day, probably everybody is discussed without doubt. According to course of study inside " old person " review, invest an equipment to do at that time rent, about half an year can be answered this. A lot of enterprises rely on to rent build up, rent mart count according to Beijing equipment, what 20 million above rents property is individual the person that rent does not lay 200 people.
At the beginning of 21 centuries, economic progress of China attracts worldwide attention, the world regards China as almost treatment makes a center, large quantities of processing factory change causes capital construction heat to China. We apply Olympic Games success, water north moves a project south, enrage east be defeated on the west, east report is defeated on the west, 3 gorge project, nuclear cable project, subway project, city is built and transform the project of numerous extensive investment such as the project, promoted inflexible to the project demand, also promoted the development that project machine rents. Trade statistic whole nation makes an appointment with 300 billion RMB to demand of project machinery equipment, buy those who rent to make an appointment with 40%~50% among them. Conservative estimation rents the forehead to exceed 40 billion yuan. So tall redound, so big market, attract legion to join rented rank.
Rent have the most apparent advantage characteristic: Mode of operation is agile and changeful; Reduce one-time capital investment, reduce investment risk; Rent have the characteristic that accelerates depreciation, reduced financing cost; Rent more emphasize particularly on the prospective accrual of the project is waited a moment.
As the boiling of network times, the project machine of network times rents information requirement extremely urgent. Pace of follow closely times, for domestic project machine the course of study that rent builds information to share platform. Use IT to make medium or small the enterprise that rent forms resultant force, rent jointly, enhanced competition ability; Established pattern of operation of the independent news that rent successfully, namely " investment operation = double win " ; Can inquire respectively according to the category of area and engineering equipment and search; Mode of operation is simple, let you satisfy you to be opposite at any time and place equipment demand.
The business of development project machinery that rent is imperative, become a kind newest the most popular trend. The project machinery industry that rent faces south to regard as industry, already successful strode a brand-new times!