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Machine tool of 2008 lukewarm cities is exhibited become small gain to meet cour
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The 3rd 2008 China (Wen Zhou) mechanical equipment exhibition (Wen Zhou machine tool is exhibited) will be in 24 days this month Wen Zhou international exhibition center kicks off, hold a press conference at the same time (on October 24 afternoon 3 when hold a press conference, announce Chinese lukewarm city is light industrial 2008 product exposition kicks off) . Current small gain can reflect an organization more deal with concrete matters relating to work, run more professional, service more the characteristic such as press close to.

This small gain will be main exhibit meeting and activity of problem of 3 three-year institution of higher learning to form by course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning. Course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning is exhibited can be respectivelyThe 3rd ChinaThe 3rd ChinaWen Zhou)Mechanical equipment exhibition, the 5th China (Wen Zhou) spirits of sugar of IT of the 8th exhibition of pump valve conduit, Wen Zhou and product exposition, whole nation, beverage and edible oil (Wen Zhou) Fair of furniture of actor of name of Wen Zhou international of Fair, China. Activity of 3 big special topic is Wen Zhou respectively financial exposition and medium and small businesses cast financing to negotiate meeting, Wen Zhou -- collaboration of German medium and small businesses exchanges shopping part of meeting, Wen Zhou.

Current small gain is met textural pays attention to actual effect, do not hold an opening ceremony, do not do to be exhibited integratedly meeting, small gain is met with the market major of gay of need, enterprise exhibits meeting and composition of special subject activity. In the meantime, small gain is met according to " the government is driven, the enterprise is run, the market is configured " principle, course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning is exhibited run by professional exhibition company entirely, by the exhibition the company executes the professional conduct propaganda, professional flutter that enrol business. On the setting that exhibits meeting and special subject activity, this second small gain is met more the need that accords with business demand and urban progress, if cast financing to negotiate,communication of collaboration of meeting, medium and small businesses is met etc, reflected this year " gram of linkage of politics look forward to, assault fortified positions is difficult " the enterprise serves year of activity theme.

Conference organizing committee returned small gain to be opened in lukewarm state network this year " small gain is met on the net " , make small gain is met show time longer, capacity bigger, information content is more rich. It is reported, organizing committee will first choosing this city 200 year of industry that sales revenue overtakes 100 million yuan, in " small gain is met on the net " aspirant travel is revealed, for the enterprise free tower is built reveal platform, promote a purpose butt joint.
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