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Agriculture machinery changes the key that is contemporary agriculture construct
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The important sign of contemporary agriculture is: Dimensions is changed, commercialize, irrigation works is changed, mechanization, informatization; Outstanding performance is: Land produces a rate utilization rate of tall, resource labor productivity is tall, tall. We are experienced in practice of these a few years deeply, advance contemporary agriculture construction, implementation " 3 tall " the key of the target is in mechanization. Realize a mechanization of farming only, ability advances agricultural modernization quickly.
Rural agriculture farmer calls a mechanization of farming
Go up century 70 time, our country has put forward to achieve the development goal of the mechanization of farming in the round. From underlying demand, development the condition looks, summary goes 30 old development course, we feel, in the historical course that advances development of new period mechanization of farming, must carry out deep implement scientific progress concept. Holding to development is the first important or urgent business, around " 3 farming " need, realize a mechanization of farming hard good rapid development; Insist to be with the person this, put the farmer from the solution in heavy agricultural work; Hold to comprehensive, harmonious, can develop continuously, have key, branch measure, advance mechanization of agricultural whole journey; Hold to making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, give priority to body with the farmer, national allowance is auxiliary, form harmonious and consistent collective stimulative agriculture machinery to turn the situation of development. Exert oneself solves influence agriculture machinery to turn the outstanding problem that career science develops, change agriculture machinery great undertaking to bring into science to develop course truly.
From Hubei province feasibility condition looks, quicken a mechanization of farming particularly pressing:
It is " old person agriculture " need agriculture machinery is propped up. Labor of large quantities of black prime of life go out work, the agricultural labour force that stay behind is the old person of 50 years old of above, woman of many years old 40 mostly. Their physical ability assumes onerous agricultural physical labor very hard. If do not have agricultural machinery to replace, agrarian, whole, close, take off the operation quality that waits for agronomic link to be able to sell at a discount greatly, agricultural productivity can appear atrophic. These a few years, decrease in agricultural labour force, farmland amount decreases, below the condition that farm cattle eliminates in great quantities, produce crop still maintains steady growth, mechanization action result cannot be done not have.
2 it is to manage need agriculture machinery to prop up dispersedly. " 34, 45 mus " remain me to save agriculture to produce basic structure. Below the situation that produces in smallholder, raised an ox to become a burden, buy agricultural machine very not economical, send a hope generally to assume partial agriculture to produce segment at specialist of social agriculture machinery or agriculture machinery cooperation, protect grain ration with this farm, protect contract farmland not barren is abandoned. Below this kind of circumstance, ecbolic develop with what promoted agriculture machinery specialist and cooperation of agriculture machinery major. Nearly two years complete province already had agriculture machinery specialist 240 thousand, agriculture machinery cooperation 186. They are active in rural each district, manage each house-to-house agriculture machinery serves only, assure the need that agriculture produces already, the division of labor that promoted rural labor again separates line of business.
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