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Design of German package machine develops tendency
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German package machine designs basis market survey and market analysis, it is a client hard especially big company serves. As the development of science and technology and the aggravate that the market competes, the client is taller and taller also to the requirement of mechanical function, basically have the demand of the following respects: It is tall productivity, the requirement with satisfying date of delivery and reduce craft the need of current cost; Still ask to a few products package machine and manufacturing machinery join. 2 it is the need that should get used to a product to update, package machine should be had tall flexible with flexibility. 3 it is equipment malfunction little, appeared breakdown can undertake diagnostic a service remotely. 4 it is small to environmental pollution, include noise, dust and litter pollution to all want little. 5 it is to purchase installation cost as far as possible little, the price wants as far as possible a few lower. German package machine creates manufacturer and design department, to get used to afore-mentioned clients the requirement took following step:
One, raise rate of technological process automation energetically
A few years ago, automation technology occupies the 30 % that package machine designs only, already occupied 50 % above now, used microcomputer design and Electromechanical unifinication control in great quantities. Raise the goal of degree of package machine automation, it is to improve productivity; 2 it is to improve facility flexible with flexibility; 3 it is to raise package machine to finish the ability of sophisticated act.
2, raise productivity to reduce technological process cost.
3, get used to change to design equipment of soft soul active.
4, offer whole set of equipment to undertake one continuous line serves.
5, use the computer generally to emulate design technology.