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Domestic head stage is smoked reactor completes a design and can throw productio
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3 when develop development independently domestic 500 kilovolt, 50 thousand kilovar is smoked can reactor, will be in August electric group finishs a design to throw production on the west, for homebred reactor kind the product was added " Xin Ding " , replaced entrance, managing foreign currency, fill home is blank, maintained electric group is in on the west the domestic banner level of reactor domain.
This is smoked can reactor, be China in company of electrified wire netting is station of switch of strip of land between hills of Hubei water cloth to order. As a result of this switch the station is located in high mountain ridges, distant and out of sight not to have signs of human habitation, the station becomes one catastrophe to inscribe with power source problem. If use fuel dynamo or transmission network of erect low pressure, facing charge exalted, construction and defend a series of issues such as hardship. As " on the west report east send, each other of north and south is offerred, countrywide couplet net " of guiding principle carry out, the country will be in western construction tens of large irrigation works and firepower power plant. Load carry western vast electric power carries the district the 500 kilovolt circuitry of the task, partial switch station will be built in high mountain ridges, smoke can reactor demand is very big. Previously, smoke can reactor design makes a technology, only manufacturer of a few abroad masters, domestic entrance is used smoke can the project of reactor is very few also.
For market of fill home blank, race to control first machine, for national power facilities development makes new contribution, on the west report changes on the west the company begins from 1995, through cooperating with place of courtyard of college scientific research, began smoke can the academic research of reactor key technology and science and technology tackle key problem. 1996, through be on product of reactor of paralell connection of 500 kilovolt, 50 thousand kilovar, undertook smoking can experimenting, gained valuable data and practical experience, had independence to develop development to smoke can the condition of reactor and ability, got the close attention of domestic user.