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Market of high end of international of push forward of made of baked clay axis
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"In the past, we and well-known company contacts a few international, the family is not interested in product of made of baked clay axis. Now, product of made of baked clay axis has begun to be a lot of worlds the lead plane form a complete set of well-known company, move toward world each district together as the equipment of these high-end clients. " mention the change that in recent years exit of enterprise foreign trade produces, the Li Yanlian face of company of imports and exports of made of baked clay axis shows smile.  
Li Yanlian is to came to group of bearing of tile-roofed house inn 1998 the company of imports and exports of finite liability company, be in charge of Western Europe market all the time. "When market of firm responsible Western Europe, professional work is particularly little, have 9 intermediate agency only, without mainframe user. " she says, "Await in those days, the ZWZ brand of made of baked clay axis is done not have in Europe famous degree, the market is opened very hard also, although find a client, the order below also with respect to thousands of dollar, we are in Europe the market namely ' promote goal small sell ' . We are in Europe the market namely ' promote goal small sell ' ..
Since 2000, group of made of baked clay axis aims at international advanced level, hold to the principle that yields high starting point, Gao Shuiping, strong investment, quickly, undertook large-scale, stereo the technical reformation that change, finished bearing of car of bearing of railroad bearing, low noise electric machinery, new structure to wait for a purpose to transform early or late. "Transform after reaching the designated position, ZWZ product also had a place in Europe famous degree. " Li Yanlian says, "At that time, our a few products begin to enter the mainframe market of a few users of European, but portion is not large. But portion is not large..
2006, technology of nicety of made of baked clay axis and put into production of production industry garden, one large quantities of having international is advanced horizontal product produces in succession. "What ZWZ is in Europe is famous degree rise considerably, I developed many mainframe user successfully, the order below is very large, brushstroke is tens of 10 thousand dollars. At the beginning of this year, I developed Germany successfully a well-known company, their head cooperates with made of baked clay axis, signed the order of 30 much euro. I just receive the fax of this enterprise, pass a few days, they cover with tiles the axis is visited in the future, continue to order other product. " Li Yanlian says happily.  
Xie Jiang of vise general manager of company of imports and exports of made of baked clay axis expresses: "As ZWZ product class rise ceaselessly, manufacturer of the world's biggest metallurgy equipment manufacturer, wind phone equipment, still have 500 strong companies of a lot of worlds, begin to use ZWZ product to be form a complete set of its lead plane. To realize brand rise in value, ZWZ is moving toward more broad international market.  
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