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First 1000kV transformer passes transformer substation of chaste tree door succe
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On October 7, 2008, 1000kV Jin Dongna - Nanyang - a transformer of stage spy high pressure of transformer substation of door of chaste tree of demonstrative project of test of communication of high pressure of Jing Men spy through spot partial discharge the experiment is assessed. The result makes clear, through line-haul and field assembly, the stability of electric insulation property of transformer, index is exceedingly good, contented project on the safe side runs need. What should experiment is successful through, the mark is worn our country already mastered special transformer of high pressure, high capacity from the design, make, experiment, carry, installation arrives the complete set technology that joins a trial. This transformer by become electrical engineering especially development of limited company of Shenyang transformer group, bureau put an experiment to save academy of electric power experiment to be in charge of by Hubei.
Company of national electrified wire netting holds to principle of first of on the safe side, the organization established experiment standard and examine through the expert is evaluated and pursueing course, undertook to program of experiment method, test and experiment process whole journey is controlled, to the spot the job had careful arrangement. According to national electrified wire netting company spy high pressure builds the unified arrangement of the ministry, hubei saved academy of electric power experiment to undertake preparative adequately, developed special system of high-pressured transformer field test, undertook be debugginged meticulously to power source and test loop, developed a large number of imitating test and investigation test, overcame spot environment level of interference of complex, electromagnetism is advanced and difficult, change in Jing Men the organization of project ministry is harmonious below, Hubei province is defeated become electrical engineering Cheng company and Shandong send change of electric company cooperate actively to fall, high level land finished experiment job.
Company of national electrified wire netting is particular network of limited company of project of communication of network of group of high-pressured construction ministry, expert, nation, nation runs science of electric power of network of limited company, nation academy, special become electrical engineering the expert of limited company of Shenyang transformer group and relevant personnel whole journey witnessed field test.