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Beautiful media calls beautiful car two tycoons general may as amalgamative as K
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The United States that manages occurrence aggravation is the biggest Motor Corporation begins company of car tycoon general motors and the Kelaisile that are immersed in management crisis likewise discuss amalgamative matters concerned. Of the United States " new York Times " , " wall street daily " waited for media to had reported this one news in succession at 11 days.
Because American economy puts delay, plus oil price tall look forward to, general with main income source of Kelaisile the outstanding achievement of large car appears to glide considerably.
In addition, as a result of the influence of financial crisis, the fund of two companies runs also the situation is grim, affect the stability of management state. Suffer this effect, the share price of global company is in in the past inside a week drop madly more than 45% .
Tony Saierwona of global company spokesman rejects to disclose any concerning the information that with Kelaisile the company talks. "Take no account of this one exact rumor, what we often say no less than, official of general motors company discusses common interest issue with other car manufacturer constantly, " he says.
Kelaisile the company has not make a response to media with respect to this one incident.
Nevertheless, analytic personage expresses, consider two companies success amalgamative, also can bring how much specific profit certainly hard. Accordingly, amalgamative perspective is not clear.