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Business of production of equipment of top class v is in the whole world Shen Ji
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A few days ago, by the whole world power general overcomes Germany of business of production of equipment of top class v - Pan Ke company, power general restrains hydraulic pressure (Hong Kong) production limited company of equipment of machinery of heavy mine of serious chance of limited company and Shenyang invests 25 million euro jointly, the Weipuke that covers an area of 80 thousand square metre - Pan Ke produces base to lay a foundation in development of Shenyang economy technology jointly.
This production base will build Weipuke - research and development of area of Pan Ke China and assemble base and heavy plane (15 thousand tons of the following forging press, water press) base, predict 1.5 billion yuan to amount to postpartum annual produce. This has the world the start working construction of the project of major equipment manufacturing industry of top class production technology, the industry that regards old industry as base fill Shenyang is blank.
Weipuke - Pan Ke company is having rife collaboration experience in China, ceng Yu signed collective design to create the extruding force on the world with the northward group that weigh labour in October 2006 the biggest (360MN) the hydraulic pressure of extruder of black metal vertical and machine of base of 150MN steel control and electronic-controlled system; 2007 with in the freedom that the 185MN with the greatest power forgings on the world before company of letter serious aircraft signed combination to make item forgings oil pressure aircrew.