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Small pine uses the label that prevent bogus to strike sham part
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Small soft company begins to pack the sham part that uses the new-style measure that prevent bogus to go up in order to hit the market to its spare parts from this year.
Wait to be made illegally of the country in the southeast Asia that includes China as a lot of pinchbeck spare partses, sham hardware issue already became worldwide growth trend. These sham spare partses are dividing the market that sells a whole world, some serve as former plant replace a product, some are mixed to taste a sale really. The manufacturer of a few important equipment that includes small soft company has begun to pay close attention to this problem.
Introduce according to small soft company, use inferior sham spare parts to bring about equipment to wear away prematurely, in maintenance as a result admiral costs the cost of a huge sum.
The sham part that uses inferior quality below certain circumstance can cause serious safe effect even, the time of collapse of tower type crane that is in Hong Kong well-knownly to happen for example brings about incident of two people death as we have learned because used be caused by of two kinds of sham spare partses. Because this sets equipment user to had better not use these sham products in order to prevent safe accident, the dealer that should designate from manufacturer directly is purchased in order to ensure the quality of the spare parts.
Small soft company is mixed to raw assembly parts of the spare parts pack increased brand-new holographic the label that prevent bogus, prevent bogus label newly to be on the right side of its contain argent prevent bogus, through special filter lens card observation can show small soft company indicates, another characteristic is sterling spare parts can be in dark place to all can see spare parts identification marking with any angle.
Additional if label from left to Right deviation inclined can see a small grab, or bulldozer, or the icon of dump truck.