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10 thousand get a car to plan to buy Jinan Ward 65 % share
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Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, the Inc. of art of the 10 thousand trick-cycling that get steam that headquarters is located in city of Liaoning bright and beautiful (Wonder Auto Technology Inc. , the following abbreviation 10 thousand) already accused a Jinan limited company of Ward car component comes to an agreement.
According to the agreement, the cash price of 80 million yuan of 10 thousand will pay in all RMBs, buy Jinan Ward the share of 65% . Nevertheless, buy the price to meet the accrual of Wo Dejing of 2008 annual Jinan according to audit hind and change somewhat: If net income under 19.48 million yuan, buy valence general under 80 million yuan; If net income prep above 22.88 million yuan, buy valence general prep above 80 million yuan.
Inc. of art of the 10 thousand trick-cycling that get steam is supplier of China's banner car dynamo, starter. This company overcame the market to hold the ceremony that ring a bell in American Na Sida on November 8, 2007, "10 thousand get car " (trade code: WATG) in Nasidake advocate board appear on the market successfully trade.
Limited company of component of Jinan Ward car is Chinese dimensions the biggest professional production and valve of sale car engine are amiable Men Tingzhu's enterprise, be 2003, a hunderd schools of 2004 year whole nation is optimal one of car component manufacturer. Company only then built 1956, original name factory of Jinan car a replacement, on June 15, 2005 with associate strategy of firm company implementation recombines the great that accuses a banner to fall. The new company after recombining is company of investment of a foreign trader, register capital 12 million dollar. The company has stuff 2000 much people. Company valve produces per year a quantity actually to rank place of first of course of study of domestic person of the same trade from beginning to end with what enrage door tappet. The product is cropland of abundant of Shanghai masses, Tianjin, god for a long time one steam of Long Fukang, China, Nanjing is Feiyate, strange luck, east install, Wei bavin, jade bavin, on a few whole nations such as bavin, stannum bavin and big bavin most. Valve of card of the land of country is by assess of committee of user of Chinese quality association one of products of satisfaction of 100 kinds of users of countrywide.