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Russia will be in Libyan build combine of metal of the sources of energy
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According to Libyan media coverage, the biggest aluminous line of business on the world produces company of business Russia RUSAL to be the same as Libyan economy society to develop fund to sign memorandum recently, will be in Libyan build combine of metal of the sources of energy. RUSAL will hold 60% share, libyan economy society develops fund to will hold 40% share.
Memorandum regulation, this project undertakes bilateral put up with integrated feasibility research, if the result is active, bilateral hopeful reached final agreement 2009, build a power plant that is fuel with natural gas and an aluminium plant at beginning 2010, aluminous factory produces per year a quantity to be 60 thousand tons, the power plant is produced per year can cover with tiles for 1500 million.
The sentence that reports the gold in cloth of · of Alexander of general manager of company of cite Russia RUSAL says, the subscription of this one memorandum is this company the first pace that will raise enterprise international figure and competition ability strategy through combine of metal of the sources of energy is being built in main area, if go well, this aluminium factory will be Libyan the first aluminous factory.
In recent years, russia is improved ceaselessly with Libyan relation, the enterprise of Russia is in return is Libyan the market, especially energy market.