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Auto industry cutting and cutting tool technology develop the current situation
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1. Auto industry expands the demand to cutting tool quickly
In recent years, development of Chinese automobile manufacturing industry is unusually rapid, each old car group is increasing home investment, many civilian battalion enterprises also joined the range that car or its component make. Big Motor Corporation and each famous car component manufacturer already came to the world to China almost, or it is joint-stock or it is solely invested, try to join the great mass fervor that makes car and its component in China. Make with the car especially the component such as bridge of the engine that car place needs, gear-box, transmission shaft, car makes increase sharply of workload of relevant machining and metallic cutting, be opposite thereby with machining and metallic cutting the demand of close together and relevant cutting tool rises ceaselessly, a lot of new requirements also appeared in the meantime. The characteristic that current auto industry develops is competitive aggravate, the demand that spends to client satisfaction rises further, the requirement can roll out new product in time according to the demand of the market or the model with new changeover is produced, of production flexible change a requirement to rise. When the market has demand to some kind of product, must seize opportunity, production gives the product that enough and contented market needs, the growth of output may be steep those who add, the cutting tool that the requirement supports to be produced also must get used to this kind of requirement and change, can be offerred in time and assure to satisfy manufacturing need on amount and quality. The quality that car component produces asks to also rising ceaselessly, no matter be treatment precision, form requirement or exterior quality requirement had new raising. In the meantime, estimate pilot demand to satisfy new product, the requirement has very good date from sex to produces product, the whole process that makes to the product namely undertakes controlling, can understand the problem that segment gives in which clearly when discovering the product has quality problem, and how many does the product that is affected have and happen in where, the main influencing factor in asking to make a process to the product -- the control that cutting tool has perfecting and date from, cutting tool respect must can seasonable to producing the problem of the spot to make, fast answer, provide strong, efficient technology support, can control the production process with date from cutting tool. Face intense market competition, auto industry is executing seed profit to produce in the round, at the same time the requirement reduces cutting tool cost ceaselessly, to cutting tool the demand that wait also increased content shedding, reserve. Meanwhile, wait for field level and requirement as a result of environmental protection, health and professional sanitation rise, auto industry is more also to the consideration of these respects and control, had new taller requirement to metallic cutting and knife. All all these ask cutting and tool industry develop new technology, new material, new technology and new management ceaselessly method, the new technology that appears in order to suit ceaselessly in car production process, new material and new technology reach new administrative system.
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