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Field of Chinese arisen test-drive builds the component industry such as upsurge
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Car company hopes to find better way to check and adjust its product, the test site of countrywide each district and test-drive runway are automatical the ground subsequently arisen.
On foundation of existing a few a few test site, from last year year end, china built 4 new test site again. In in addition still two test site are planning. The investment of build test-drive field is huge, but car manufacturer and supplier think this kind of establishment is urgent need.
In the past, advanced test site is in China to see rarely, because foreign brand goes home undertakes the car experiments. But in recent years, car manufacturer tries to make its product more those who cater to Chinese home consumer savour and condition, changed this one condition thereby.
GlobalInsightInc. The Asian technology of the company studies advisory division Duan Chengwu says: "To promote the market responsibility, foreign brand must change experiment and this locality of job of research and development. Foreign brand must change experiment and this locality of job of research and development..
This year, department of benefit of general of tire production business connects Motor Corporation of Great Wall of company, car manufacturer, component to produce Shang Luobai motion of world company and advisory company Matt car seeks advice from Te Bo. General motors company is planning build runway of a test-drive, and limited company of rubber of exquisite of Shandong of business of domestic tire production also is building this kind of runway.
Equestrian spy company of Germany says its invest 25 million euro (231.5 million yuan of RMBs) building a test site in Jiangsu Li this world. This test site covers an area of 1.07 million square metre, will be in the investment before the bottom will be used in December.
A country is before this one field some driving the school, 4 elliptic field and the road with a 2 long kilometers will be had after new test site builds. Drive path of gravel of road biscuit draw together, wet ground and Concrete Pavement, this establishment will be opened to the outside company that has test-drive intention.
CEOWinfriedMatter of equestrian spy company says: "This is tire the good place that business of production of business of manufacturing business, electronic equipment production, ABS and ESP brake system has experimenting, car manufacturer also can undertake all phyletic car experiment here. Car manufacturer also can undertake all phyletic car experiment here..
This test site still can check the heavy construction car of road of highway external use. Matter company calls his " national test track " , this company still builds to cover an area of 2.5 million square metre in Zhejiang lake city " experiment internationally track " , examining and approve in what await a government at present.
To this year later on, rich world will overcome stone to build runway of experiment of a winter in Inner Mongolia tooth. The establishment that this covers an area of 1.8 million square metre costs 150 million yuan of RMBs (21.9 million dollar) , can imitate ice ground drives state.
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